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This project is a Windows service, which cyclic receiving EDIFACT messages from X.400 mail box for processing in BizTalk server. Through loose coupling between Sheego.Service.X400 and BizTalk server it can be used in Demilitarized zone (DMZ).


What is Sheego.Service.X400?

  • It is implemented as windows service.
  • It is fetching mails from a X.400 mail box, using UA-FI.
  • It is routing received messages to directory or send as Email.

What isn’t Sheego.Service.X400?

  • It is not implementing the X.400 protocol P7.
  • It not including UA-FI software, must be installed separately.
  • It not including BizTalk server, must be installed separately.


Dirk Friedenberger
Dirk has developed the application as a requirement for the sheego project. Since 2013 he develops applications in C# mainly for BizTalk.
Harald Spieker
Harald is the second developer of the x400 Service and the main developer of BizTak solutions for processing and managing EDIFACT messages.
Heiner Engelhardt
Heiner Engelhardt is team leader at Schwab GmbH, particularly of Harald and Dirk.

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